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  2007.05.24  23.09

ended a 3 day fast today with too much food
starting a 7 day water fast right now, til the 31st
i took pictures of me in bathing suit.
oh god, its bad.
i'm taking pictures after the 7 days.
im hoping to GOD i see a difference


  2007.05.23  15.08
day 2

stilll fasting. my stomachs getting a little flatter. i need to starve away these love handles though.


  2007.05.21  23.54

22nd. tuesday
water fast.
1 hour gym.
23rd. wednesday
water fast.
1 hour gym
24th. thursday.
water fast.
1 hour gym.
25th. friday
water fast.
workout video
26th saturday.
water fast.
workout video.
27th. sunday
water fast.
workout video.
28th. monday
water fast.
1 hour gym
goal weight: 115

29th. tuesday. egg. workout vid.
30th. wednesday egg. workout vid.
31st. thursday egg. gym.
1st. friday. egg workout vid.
2nd. saturday egg gym.
3rd sunday egg workout vid.
4th monday egg gym.
5th tuesday egg workout vid.
goal weight: 112

6th. wednesday. water fast 1 hr gym.
7th. thursday. water fast. 1 hour gym
8th. friday. water fast. 1 hour gym
9th. saturday. water fast. 1 hour gym
10th sunday. water fast. 1 hour gym
goal weight: 108

11th. monday egg white. w/o vid, 1hr gym
12th. tuesday. egg white. w/o vid, 1 hour gym
13th. wednesday. egg white. w/o vid, 1 hour gym
14th. thursday. egg white. w/o vid. 1 hour gym
15th. friday. egg white. w/o vid 1 hour gym
goal weight: 107

water fast
1 hour gym
w/o vid
goal weight: 103


  2007.05.21  23.43

today wasnt bad..i could have done better though. all i had was some pretzels.
i'm going on a water fast until monday(maybe longer, we'll see when i get there though)
aiming to be around 115, we'll see though.
ughhh. right now i need self control more than ever.


  2007.05.07  23.41

today was a stressful day and i did bad.
fuck it.
detox fasting tomorrow. (0 cal liquids only)
then living on eggs



  2007.05.07  06.16

this week (monday-sunday)
400 cals
morning "bikini body" workout video
5 days going to the gym and doing cardio & some other machines

oh, and i no longer use a scale.
im measuring by inches...because frankly, i dont care how much i weigh
i care how i look.

todays intake:
s-string cheese-80
d-banana- 100
total: 340 cals


  2007.05.01  23.52

i'm going on a fast until sunday.
that's only four days...not too long.
i've been binging like crazy..
2 months until summer, and its time to get serious.
i'm only allowing water.
and getting exersise in every day.
hopefully i'll see a bit of a difference by sunday.
anyone want to join me?


  2007.04.26  20.20

today was a big binge.
tomorrow im not eating anything until right before i go out,
and im going to eat carbs,
because im gonna be drinking, and last time i did that,
i threw up & embarrassed myself.
i might actually do a real fast where i dont give in,
and i work really hard starting saturday..
but we'll see.
ughhh need to loose weight,
maybe i should just do an easy diet like the special k one?
what do you think?


  2007.04.25  05.55

its 5:56 in the morning, and im eating my 205 cal breakfast.
i've also decided something else,
im taking pictures of everything i eat.
that way i wont binge.

i didnt go jogging,
i'd HATE for someone to see me. :/
but i am doing a workout video once i'm done this oatmeal.

tomorrows food:
breakfast- light & fit yogurt(60) banana(90)
lunch- 100 cal pack (100)
snack- apple(90?)
dinner- oatmeal(160) & breakfast bar(150)

tomorrows exersise:
workout video
1 hour @ the gym.


  2007.04.24  23.25

700 cals, running and a workout video in the morning,
then gym in the afternoon for the next 5 days.
trying to loose 4 lbs.

tomorrows food:
breakfast: oatmeal(160) w/ 1/2 banana(45)
lunch: 100 cal pack(100)
snack: yogurt: 60 cals
dinner: lean quisine mac & cheese(300)
total: 665

tomorrows exersise:
outside jog
pilates video
1 hour @ gym


  2007.04.23  00.11
cleaned it out.

i cleaned out my journal. i'm starting over. im going to be more active in all communities, starting with the 28 day plan and probably __feathers. i'm going to try to add more friends/have more people to support. i'm going on a 13 day fast tomorrow. i'll be taking my weight and measurements. i might take one before picture, but i'm a little embarrassed about how i look right now. i'll be updating everyday, even when i do horrible. i'm allowing crystal light (5 cals a cup) and water. mostly water though, and doing some exersise also.

tomorrows plan:
5:45- wake up/do workout video
6:15-7:00- get ready
7:30-2:07- school
2:30-6ish? out cause its gonna be nice out
7 to 8 do some homework, then take measurements & weight
8 to 8:30 take a nice bubble bath (and get some 28dayplan points!)
9 go to bed, and get a decent nights sleep

oh, and heres what i look like:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
hopefully that will change, though.