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cleaned it out.

i cleaned out my journal. i'm starting over. im going to be more active in all communities, starting with the 28 day plan and probably __feathers. i'm going to try to add more friends/have more people to support. i'm going on a 13 day fast tomorrow. i'll be taking my weight and measurements. i might take one before picture, but i'm a little embarrassed about how i look right now. i'll be updating everyday, even when i do horrible. i'm allowing crystal light (5 cals a cup) and water. mostly water though, and doing some exersise also.

tomorrows plan:
5:45- wake up/do workout video
6:15-7:00- get ready
7:30-2:07- school
2:30-6ish? out cause its gonna be nice out
7 to 8 do some homework, then take measurements & weight
8 to 8:30 take a nice bubble bath (and get some 28dayplan points!)
9 go to bed, and get a decent nights sleep

oh, and heres what i look like:

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hopefully that will change, though.
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